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"L'Antibagno", the school's journal
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Comunità studentesca de “L’Antibagno”
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This new section of our website hosts the work done by the students on the single issues of “L’Antibagno”.
As an interactive didactic workbook  “L’Antibagno” finds in this work the full achievement of its goals since the publication just aims to produce a stimulus on the thought and the imagination of those who turn its pages with interest and a creative spirit, a stimulus which might hopefully result  into an enrichment of their content by the own contribution of the student reader.
In this perspective each physical copy of our journal is virtually a publication waiting to be completed and to become a new, original edition of itself  thru the commitment of single students and/or groups of them teaming up to implement their own version of the initial printed copy.

The browsing of this section is supported by the flip-thru mode only, which is provided with a more powerful zooming function so as to make handwriting somewhat easier to read and the finer details of drawings and illustrations a lot neater to look into.   
It will be noted that images load this time a bit slower, owing to the higher resolution they have been scanned at.
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